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The A9M Project is a Video Production and Internet Marketing Company based in Schaumburg IL.

60 Second Commercial

This year we’ve been producing 60-90 second Commercials for our clients that highlight their business. And we also properly market the video or video series in a YouTube Channel. Distribution takes care of it's self with proper set up...


do you need one?

My tier 1 clients have been averaging 25-35% annual growth in this depressed economy, so we have successfully beaten the odds. This is due to our innovative approach to marketing. We just do what ever it takes to get results… NO excuses and NO BS!

Currently we are running a special introductory offer of only $499 to shoot edit and produce a marketable video on YouTube. Ruining time is to be approximately 90 seconds. The video shoot is done at our studio with a Green Screen.

My clients that have engaged this service are seeing a doubling and more in their Internet statistics, resulting in increased business sales.

The most important stat is TIME-ON-SITE. You need a minimum of 60 seconds to build positive stats. Less the 60 seconds will yield a negative rating! Remember the movie with Nickolas Cage – Gone n 60 Seconds… you do not want this.

Time on site is probably the most important metric. Once a site consistently holds a new viewers attention for over 1 minute, it begins to grow positive stats…

The key is to build GOOD STATS as fast as possible, and momentum does play a significant role in success. So, Lets get started now, and do not look back. Leave your competitions in your dust!

 If you know of any one that could benefit by getting a commercial out there and build their Internet presence, please pass this message on...


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